Have you purchased your very first pellet grill and now wondering how to get started? Well, the manuals that come with the products are quite lengthy sometimes and vague. That is why we are going to cover how you can grill or cook with a pellet grill with simple and easy steps.

Cooking with your pellet grill for the very first is exciting. Plus, you can be thinking of something going wrong while grilling. Well, we assure you, cooking on a pellet is not a difficult task.

Instead, grilling on a pellet grill is quite easy and convenient. For most good pellet smokers, grilling is not the only option. In the market, there are multifunctional pellet grills that can sear, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue along with grilling.

In this article, we are going to provide step by step guidance on how to grill with a pellet grill.

how to cook on a pellet grill

How to Grill on a Pellet Grill with Wood Pellet- Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Properly Prepare What You Are Going to Grill

It can be any meat like beef, chicken, lamb, or deer. They can vary from thickness and shape. But all of these types need to be well marinated and seasoned properly before going to the pellet grill.

Step 2: Check Out the Pellet Level

Now that you are done with the preparation part, it’s time to get started with the pellet grill. Check out if it is fully loaded in with the wood pellets. If not, then fill it up first. It will require some elbow geese.

Step 3: Turn On the Smoker

When you are done with the food prep and checking out the pellet level, the initial part is done completely. Now it is time when you turn on the pellet grill.

Step 4: Set the Temperature

The recipe you are going to follow requires a specific temperature to cook. So set the heat on the grill after you turn it on.

Suppose the required temperature is 380 degrees Fahrenheit. So set it to 380 degrees and wait till the pellet grill reaches to at least 370 degrees.

Step 5: Open the Lid

Now the fun part begins. Assemble all the foods that you prepared, and now they are ready to get in the smoker.

First, open the lid so that you can put things. Be sure to wear gloves and carefully make movements so that you don’t burn your hands. The cooking surface should be very hot by then.

Step 6: Start Cooking

Now that you are ready to grill throw off the marinated meats, fishes and vegetables and organize them accurately. If your pellet grill has an upper rack, put the thinner foods or the ones that cook relatively quickly on it.

According to the recipes, season the food nicely after you set it on the grill.

Step 7: Use a Meat Probe

When you are cooking steaks or ribs or any meats, you need to make sure they are adequately cooked. The inner temperature required for a recipe is a crucial part. That is why you need meat probes to check the internal temp of the meats.

When you have one meat probe, make sure all the pieces you are going to cook are of the same thickness. Then you can guess the temperature of all steaks by using a meat probe for one piece.

Quick tips, if you own only one meat probe but the size of the meats are not equal, then use the meat probe for the piece that is not too thick or thin, just stays in the average. This will help you estimate the cooking time for other parts.

Step 8: Flip the Food

When one side of the meat is done, open the lid and flip all the food carefully. If the first side is not still done properly, then cook the part again after the other side is finished.

Step 9: Turn off the Smoker

When you are done cooking with the recipe you were following, turn the pellet grill off.

Step 10: Take Out and Serve!

Your meat, fish, or veggies, or whatever you cooked should be ready to have now. Then take the foods out of the pellet grill carefully. Do not get over-excited and burn your hand.

Now take some plate, a good steak knife and fork along with some sauce, and let the feast begin!

Final Verdict

If you follow these nine simple steps to grill with a pellet grill, your favorite dishes should come out just perfect and delicious every time. 

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