If you face specific injuries at certain body areas, you might want to choose either elliptical or rowing machine. However, you also need to know which part of the body that you want to train. You may be stuck at what is better for cardio elliptical or rowing machine.

Let’s answer it…

If you’re going to train the whole body, go for an elliptical machine. You need to bear in mind if you have no injuries and you want a fast calorie burn, go for a rowing machine. A specific type of old wounds on different parts of the body will make you unsuitable for either the elliptical or the rowing machine. Make sure to consult the physician before attempting to start your workout regimen.

What Are Elliptical Machines?

These machines are rather popular. You can use them for low-impact exercises where you have to apply less pressure onto your bones and joints. The designs of the gym equipment are different as well. The elliptical machine can build your lower body and your upper body in one go.

How to Use an Elliptical Machine Properly

You can’t get the perfect workout if you do not learn the right way to row the machine. There are only several points of contact on the machine, so make sure to make it work out for you.

Step 01: Put your foot on the pedal and step on it while facing the whole monitor. Make sure to take caution when stepping onto the equipment. 

The minute you step on the accelerator, the entire machine will start running, and you can lose your whole balance. Grab the handles to retain balance.

Step 02: Start pedalling to being your workout. Step hard onto the machine can power up the equipment as well as the display. Next, look for a start button.

Step 03: Begin pedalling at a moderate speed. While you pedal, your arms can swing with the handles. When one foot goes down, the next leg straightens down, and the other handle will pull towards the body.

Step 04: Do not try to lock the knees together. Make sure that the knees are bent before you straighten each leg on the pedal. It is like using a bike, but in this case, you are moving up and down.

Step 05: The resistance can be turned up. Make sure to go at your own pace. It doesn’t mean that going fast is the right method of using elliptical equipment. The resistance should be turned up higher so that you will push the pedals harder to get a more intensive workout. 

Bear in mind, the more you sell, the more calories you will burn. Great for a whole-body exercise!

Step 06: Change the direction of your pedals. When using the elliptical machine, the brakes might go backwards as well. Going all the way back will add a different set of workout for your muscles. 

If you use the elliptical machine forward, you train one set of muscles. If it is going backwards, you qualify another set of muscles. It is not recommended if you have knee injuries.

Step 07: Start using the arm swings. If you use the arms swings, you get an entire body workout, and you get to have an arm workout too. It will also give you better balance and posture.

Step 08: Make the incline go up. Do a five-minute interval and increase resistance as well as the incline all time. Create a regimen of 2 minutes, then increase the speed steadily.


  • It can burn calories fast
  • There is less stress exercised on your joints
  • It can shape both the upper and lower parts of your body
  • You have a lot of variety


  • It doesn’t suit everyone
  • People with a knee injury should not use elliptical machines
  • Not great for all different sports

What Are Rowing Machines?

Rowing machines are other best pieces of equipment that you can get in the gym. It will let you burn as many calories as possible faster than other gym equipment. The rowing machines lets you burn up to 300kcal in 30 minutes when you begin to use the equipment. It also starts creating great muscles, and if you are on a budget, you can buy one and put it at home if it is not convenient for you to go to the gym.

How to Use a Rowing Machine Properly

Step 01: First, put your feet into the straps and lock into the equipment. Before you start your exercise regimen, make sure to use the right straps on the machine. Fasten the belts on your foot and make sure they don’t slide.

Step 02: Begin in a starting position. The big thing about rowing is the “catch position”. To go into this position, keep your knees bent near the front part of the equipment. Your back has to be straight.

Step 03: Use your leg muscles to push your body backwards. Start pushing off the footplate. Use the glutes in your leg to extend your collection. 

Learn to row properly first before targeting to exercise the whole body a one go. The muscles used in a full workout will include your core as well as your arms and shoulders. Your arms and body should stay in the same position when you push your body backwards by using your legs.

Step 04: Lean back 45 degrees. Once all the legs are correctly straightened out, use a proper core to lean back another 5 degrees, and make sure the spine is straight.


  • A complete conditioning workout
  • The equipment is within budget
  • It is an excellent method to burn your calories
  • The workout has a low impact


  • It can hurt or injure your lower back
  • The rowing machine produces a lot of noise
  • Takes up too much space
  • It is rather dull and tedious as well 

How To Work Out Your Muscles

The main objective of these machines isn’t opting for strength training. However, it can make your muscles stronger. Both the elliptical machine and individual rowing machines will give proper preparation for the lower and the upper body.

what is better for cardio elliptical or rowing machine

There are two distinct differences between these muscles. Rowing machine doesn’t train the upper body a lot. However, an elliptical machine can train your chest and triceps properly. You can adequately train the upper body by using the elliptical equipment. If you want to train your body core properly, then opt for a piece of rowing equipment. You will get a straight torso, that will make your core more robust and more reliab

What About the Training Diversity of Both Equipment

When it comes to training the body for diversity, there is a proper difference between two different equipment. The elliptical equipment will give the user more variety compared to trying to use the rowing machine. When you are using elliptical equipment, you can move both forward and backward. You can opt not to use handles if you are trying to focus on the lower body.

What is better for cardio Elliptical or Rowing machine?

The best gym equipment depends on the person. If you have a weak back, go for a rowing machine. If you want a low impact to get a whole-body workout, use an elliptical machine. The total calories burned at the end of the day will depend on how much effort you’re put into your workout. Experiment and use both tools, and you will know which equipment suits you better.

No one single equipment is ultimately better than the other piece of equipment. Each equipment produces the user benefits that you will encounter when you are doing fitness goals, and these benefits will change accordingly as time passes.


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