Oster has provided high-quality clippers and trimmers for over 120 years. With their experience, they have been able to develop numerous styles of the best clippers, including the Model 10 and Classic 76. This clipper is ideal for any barber. Its sleek, compact design is a perfect fit in any hand. Features: Includes two blades (#000 and #1). Ergonomic design reduces fatigue. Universal motor. Heavy-duty hair cutting. Useful hanging loop.

In terms of comparison, it always comes to Oster Model 10 vs Oster Classic 76. For they are similar in so many ways and are both highly appealing products with premium quality performance. It’s funny, but you can say, ‘Oster classic 76 is the older brother while Oster Model 10 is the younger one of the family.’

There is also some key difference that helps to identify what is better for us. So now, we will be discussing the similarities and differences between these two products. Read our Oster Model 10 Review for a more detailed overview.

Oster Model 10 & Oster Classic 76: The Similarities

That’s right. There are so many similar features on both of them. The key similarities are-

The Quality Build-up

Both of them are built to be durable using the super-strong plastic casing, Valox material. It basically breaks resistance and can endure the motor for consistent hours of operation by protecting the user and the motor.

In-box Materials

With the premium quality hair clipper, there are also other accessories with it for the users. They both have a blade guard, the lubricant oil, the cleaning brush, etc. on the box.

Hair Clipper Motor

Both the Oster Models have single-speed universal motors. Earlier, we have told about how mighty this universal motor is! A quick recap is that they are much powerful and faster to cut any type of hair.

Hair Clipper Blades

These two models share an interchangeable blade system. So, you can use the same blade in both models and don’t have to buy one.

Oster Model 10 vs Oster Classic 76: The Differences

Now, it is essential to know the key difference between these models. Here are some for your identification.

The Design and Look

About physical appearance, The Oster Classic 76 has a classic old design. And there is no significant change in its design of the classic maroon color. On the other hand, the Model 10 was launched actually prior to the Classic 76. It seems surprising, right? But it’s true. Later, it was re-introduced in the black color with stunning design.

Size & Weight

You may have guessed that the Classic 76 is heavier while the Model 10 is much lighter and slimmer. The Classic 76 is one of the heavier and biggest clippers in the market. Many say that with weight, it has more stability while Model 10 seems loveable to all.

Clipper Cord Length

There is a little difference in the clipper cord length of these tools. They both offer the same type of cord, but Model 10 offers an extra 1 foot in that. Where Classic 76 has 9 feet long cord, the Model 10 has 10 feet cord.

Amozon’s Verified Customer Review on Oster Model 10

“After years of throwing $30 a week away at the barber shop, my wife started cutting my hair as well as my two sons.

Initially we used the $40-$50 clippers you can buy at Target or Walmart and they were fine – at first. Eventually, the cheap clipper blades dull and begin to pull your hair out, the plastic clipper heads break and the results suffer.

We finally splurged on the Oster Model 10 clippers and I am so happy we did. The clippers are quieter, the heads cut consistently and the overall haircut is faster.

You can tell by the weight and quality of construction that these clippers will last forever. They are truly commercial quality, producing the same results as my old barber’s professional clippers.

As with any quality piece of professional equipment, there is maintenance required such as lubricating heads and greasing fittings but the maintenance is minimal and worth the effort.

If you are looking to achieve professional results at home and make a long-term investment in your clippers, I highly recommend the Oster Model 10. Anthony

Another Honest Review on Oster Model 10

“these are truly a gem. The retro look and high quality have endured over the years. I use this to cut my own hair and it looks like I go to a barbershop. The whirring sound they make is pleasant and the blades glide effortlessly through my hair. They’re nice and weighty so that you have to be very deliberate about your passes, making for a great haircut.

The only thing I don’t particularly like is that they can get a bit hot if they’re on for a while, but that goes with the territory of “they still make it like they used to.”Martin Jaszczuk

Review From An Expert Barber – Our Test

We did a test with our local barber to check whether it is worth the money and hype. According to him:

Very good product.

Unlike Wahl, whom I normally buy hair equipment from, getting an Oster feels like a lot of high maintenance will go into it.

…And it is worth it!

I love how the blades can be individually bought and swapped with ease, for example 1 1/2 and 1-inch clippers blades are sold separately. Makes Cleaning blades less hassle without having to take apart from the clippers.

I have to learn how to fade but I feel very confident with these tools.

I recommend buying in addition with this product the following:

  • 1 inch Oster blade
  • 1 1/2 in. Oster blade
  • Oster blade wash
  • Oster 5-in-1 spray

It may seem like a lot but having the products ready will prepare you for first-time use.

I bought it with the cord. Hopefully, these clippers last me a long time.

Amozon’s Verified Customer Review on Oster Classic 76

“I waited to review these until I cut my hair a couple of times with them. I’ve been using Wahl clippers my whole life, and my hair grows fast. I often have to touch up or completely cut my hair again after 1.5-2 weeks. The poor motor and blades on the cheaper clippers would give me red bumps on my head, which would take a long time to go away. They chewed up my hair no matter how slow I went. It was miserable and embarrassing. I have used these twice, about a week and a half after cuts, and no bumps or chafing. You cannot even tell they’re taking hair off your head, because the cut is so smooth. Only “con” would be these are quite heavy, and the angle is different than Wahl clippers. You have to get used to the difference in guard sizes and how to hold it, but that is far from difficult. 5/5 stars, recommending to everyone I know that cuts their own hair.” – Amazon Customer

Review from a Satisfied User of Oster Classic 76

“Purchased my Oster Classic 76 approximately five (5) years ago, and this trimmer is still getting the job done. I cut my hair at least once-a-week since I’ve had these clippers, and not one problem have I experienced with them. I use the Oster (00000), blade which I purchase together at the same time with trimmer, and it still cuts my hair close to the scalp. Never replaced blade, and no maintenance with clippers to date. What else could you ask for with any quality purchase. if you take care of them, they will absolutely last a long time. One of the best and most reliable clippers you can buy.” – Jak-O-Trades

Oster Model 10 vs Oster Classic 76: Which one is better?

Actually, nobody can say that being sure as it is all about the perspective of the customer. Different people have different interests and tastes in products.

But, there is a still thought that Oster Model 10 may be the winner to more people. People love both of them, but the Oster 10 Model is preferred by most users. So, from our point of view, the Oster 10 Model is highly recommended. Though it doesn’t mean that Oster 10 Model is always better, it’s totally up to you!


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