Let me ask you a simple question first.

Would you mind taking care of yourself at home without going to the hairdresser using a good quality hair clipper? Well, I am sure you would love that as most people do!

Many of us are not a big fan of going to the barber. The reason is pretty simple; there are always extra hassles like a long hour waiting, time management for the weekend, and of course how can forget the cost involved to it!

But have you ever thought that with a little bit of expert guidance, you could deal with this efficiently if you have your own set of hair clippers? And in that matter, the Oster Model 10 is always the best alternative for the job. There will be none of the hassles if you use Oster Model 10 hair clippers.

This review is all about the Oster Model 10 tool. We have tried to put an honest perspective on the performance and features of the product. There will also be FAQ and comparison with a similar product to make sure if you are taking the right decision.

So, let’s dig deep! 

The Oster Model 10 Clipper

The Model 10 clipper is known as the perfect barber tools. The tool reveals the American quality and craftsmanship and shows impressive skill and design with the distinct tradition of technique. It is a full of power tool as well as sleek and compact.

It is one of the top-rated clippers for the barber or experienced stylish. Thus, this has a long-lasting design with excellent durability. The Model 10 is as small as slimmer. It weighs only 1.6 pounds, even less than the Model 76. You can use it all day consistently without any kind of overheating. So, I said as the essential part of every barber’s gear which helps to cut through hair quick and thorough.

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Key Features of Oster Model 10

There are amazing features that customers like about the Oster Model 10. Let’s find out the key features of the most desired clipper.

  • It is built with tremendous durable performance and long-lasting strength that makes it better than any other clippers.
  • It has a mighty motor that can work all day long without overheating or any type of problem. It is called a powerful universal motor for heavy use.
  • It is not necessary to be a professional to use the Oster 10 Model. There is a blade guard, greasing oil, two removal blades, cleaning odd-on and an instruction guide to let people know about its way of work.
  • The blades are rotatable at any time. The process is so easy through the blade structure. It is not difficult at all. By the direction, you will get clarified.
  • It will take outstanding care of your hair even when you’re in a hurry to get ready for something.
  • It has included detachable blades of #000 and #1.
  • There are blade guard, lubricant oil and a cleaning brush included with the product.
  • It has an extra-long cord of 10ft.

How much do the Oster Model 10 cost?

The Oster 10 Model costs a bit much than some other clippers. But, you don’t need to be shocked. It provides a superb result for several years that others don’t. Also, if you ask for a similarly featured product rather than this, it will cost way more. Just realize why other expert hair specialists applaud the tool leaving all those!

The Criteria and Rating of Oster Model 10 Clipper

The product is currently available in Amazon at just $140, which is definitely worth it! You will personally love it after using it properly. It is called as the upgrade version of the classic 76 for its being lighter and smooth operating system. The cord of Oster 10 is bigger than other clippers, which can be a unique advantage and more convenient.

It offers everything you need and sometimes a lot more. You will enjoy a remarkable performance with the useful easy-to-use removal blades.

According to Amazon, the Oster Model 10 Clipper has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

And it is unbelievable that 76% of customers have given five stars for the clipper till now.

My personal rating will be 4.5 for this as an honest expert of clippers. 

When I am writing this review, almost 300 people rated this product in Amazon, who have purchased this product. But, at the time you read this, you may want the upgraded information about this.

So, click here to see the latest rating and reviews of the customers about Oster Model 10 with the latest price.

Performance of Oster Model 10

In terms of its look and design, The Oster Model 10 has followed the footstep of the Oster 76. It offers amazingly vintage look while at the same time being modern. They are firmly determined to ensure the 100% quality as that’s what matters after all. In the first sight, you are going to realize that this clipper is built for professional use, so traditional barbers are overwhelmed with praise over the tool.

Its centrepiece is the powerful motor. This universal motor shows far more excellent performance than fellow competitors like electromagnetic motors. You will find more torque in Oster motor than others. It can easily cut through dry, wet, thick, curly any type of hair.

The Oster Model 10 is famed to be a masterful art made of steel in terms of the blades. This may seem poetic in the description but believe me, it’s proven. Through some unique testing procedures for strength and endurance, the performance of those blades was sharp.

The blade is also switchable with the classic 76. That means you can use the blades on both of these models interchangeably without buying new blades for them.

The Model 10 offers maximum power with a highly durable cord as typical with other Oster clippers, but you can have more room for haircuts than others by the 10 feet cord. You can expect to have a clean-cut from these clippers.

Pros & Cons of Oster Model 10

The product is a full incredible performance. By this, it is sure that it has so many pros. But as we know, ‘There is nothing without its bad side.’ Well, it also has some cons. Bellow this, we will be giving all the pros and cons of the Oster 10.


  • Noticeable extra cord for getting comfortable in cutting using Model 10.
  • Lighter than any of the similar products (Approximately 25% lighter than the classic 76)
  • Smaller while similar or better in the performance.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Universal, powerful motor.
  • Detachable #000 blade.
  • Bigger electric cord.
  • One-handed use with easy access on/off switch.


  • Blades tend to overheat a little bit to some.
  • Takes a while to start up after turning on.

That’s the cons you can face using the tool. But there is no need to get disappointed. Because they offer an exchange for that as 95% says it works cool!

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Comparison with Similar product

In terms of comparison, it always comes to Oster Model 10 vs Oster Classic 76. For they are similar in so many ways and are both highly appealing products with premium quality performance. It’s funny, but you can say, ‘Oster classic 76 is the older brother while Oster Model 10 is the younger one of the family.’

There is also some key difference which helps to identify what is better for us. So now, we will be discussing the similarities and differences between these two products.

Oster Model 10 & Oster Classic 76: The Similarities

That’s right. There are so many similar features on both of them. The key similarities are-

The quality build-up

Both of them are built to be durable using the super-strong plastic casing, Valox material. It basically breaks resistant and can endure the motor for consistent hours of operation by protecting the user and the motor.

In-box materials

With the premium quality hair clipper, there are also other accessories with it for the users. They both have a blade guard, the lubricant oil, the cleaning brush, etc. on the box.

Hair Clipper Motor

Both the Oster Models have single speed universal motor. Earlier, we have told about how mighty this universal motor is! A quick recap is that they are much powerful and faster to cut any type of hair.

Hair Clipper Blades

These two models share interchangeable blade system. So, you can use the same blade in both the model and don’t have to buy one.

Oster Model 10 vs Oster Classic 76: The Differences

Now, it is essential to know the key difference between these models. Here are some for your identification.

The Design and Look

About physical appearance, The Oster Classic 76 has the classic old design. And there is no significant change in its design of the classic maroon colour. On the other hand, the Model 10 was launched actually prior to the Classic 76. It seems surprising, right? But it’s true. Later, it was re-introduced in the black colour with stunning design.

Size & Weight

You may have guessed that the Classic 76 heavier while the Model 10 is much lighter and slimmer. The Classic 76 is one of the heavier and biggest clippers in the market. Many say that with weight, it has more stability while Model 10 seems loveable to all.

Clipper Cord Length

There is a little difference in the clipper cord length of these tools. They both offer the same type of cord, but Model 10 offers extra 1 feet in that. Where Classic 76 has 9 feet long cord, the Model 10 has 10 feet cord.

Oster Model 10 vs Oster Classic 76: Which one is better?

Actually, nobody can say that being sure as it is all about the perspective of the customer. Different people have different interest and taste in products.

But, there is a still thought that Oster Model 10 may be the winner to more people. People love both of them, but the Oster 10 Model is preferred by most users. So, from our point of view, the Oster 10 Model is highly recommended. Though it doesn’t mean that Oster 10 Model is always better, it’s totally up to you!

Editor’s Ratings on Oster Model 10 Clipper

Easy of Use9

*out of 10 on each segment.

FAQs about Oster Model 10

Question: Do these have an adjustable lever?


No, they do not provide any adjustable lever. There is a fixed-blade clipper that snaps and releases into place.

Question: Can you use it without any blade?


You can turn it on. But in order to cut hair, it is essential to use a blade.

Question: Is this to cut hair or groom beard?


You can use it on both purposes. Use 0000 or 00000 blades on the beard and the guard for the hair. It is an excellent clipper for both!

Question: Are these genuine Oster blades that are included with the clippers?


Yes, they are genuine Oster blades. And almost everyone loves those.

The Bottom Line

So, with a lot of specification on the Oster Model 10, we have reached the final verdict of this review. As said earlier, the iconic design, performance, weight, and size made it a beast on the clipper market and unbeatable to many users. The vast majority love this clipper, and I think you may also. Set your decision and go for it!

Let us know in the comment box if this article was helpful to you. And share what do you feel about the product or if you agree or disagree with us. Chill out!


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