Need the best electric smoker for everything you need to smoke? Here is our take on this problem.

Smoked cooking has been an enduring convention all across the USA and even beyond. Having said this, quality output requires years of grooming of your barbecue pit to get the desired temperature and the perfect smoky flavor. And when choosing the best electric smoker under 300 these days. it can be quit hard.

Best electric smoker under 300 review 2021

In order to get juicy and tender smoked meat, lots of Tender Loving Care (TLC) is required. You are provided with all that needed care by an electric smoker. When you concerned with productivity, electric smokers works as fine as charcoal or gas smokers.

You can smoke meat, turkey, smoked salmon, and sausages with these. Not all electric smokers would do the job for you for every type of meat being smoked.

Why Electric Smokers?

Smoked meat provides food with amazing flavors and this is something unachievable by grilling it or cooking in a conventional oven.

The electric smoker vs pellet smoker rhetoric is also a thing from the past. The convenience of an electric smoker is unbeatable, besides giving your food the best possible juicy and smoky flavor.

A push-button start operation allows you to relax throughout the cooking as the smoker itself performs smartly.

Considering the smoking requirements based on the type of meat, just the initial setup of temperature etc. is the main thing to do.

Pellet smokers are considered as a pioneer in producing smoked meat with the rich smoky flavor. The flavor produced through its slow and consistently monitored cooking might be much smokier and deeper than its competitors.

But, the electric smoker provides the best of both worlds.

Best Electric Smokers for Different Meat Cuts and Types:

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Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker – MB20071117

Dimensions:30 x 20 x 20 in

Weight: 49,0lbs

Warranty : 90Days

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The idea of the best electric smoker is that to have the right electric smoker for the type of meat being cooked. All-electric smokers might not be equal, for example, if you have to smoke turkey and brisket. The best thing about electric smokers is that they have made smoking a lot easier, tastier and fun. Here, we will discuss the best electric smokers applicable to a particular smoking job.

Best Electric Smoker under 300 for Brisket

Before we jump onto the actual electric smokers suitable for brisket smoking, we first need to understand the dynamics of brisket. Brisket smoking is best possible when smoked over extremely low temperatures and for a longer time span. It is because brisket is known as a quite chewy and tough cut of meat. Therefore, it requires quite a bit of time in smoker to breakdown into a juicy and tender piece of meat.

Brisket smoking in a particular electric smoker has become more of an art form. It takes a bit of time to conclude which method best suits your taste in a particular electric smoker. If you do it the right way in the best electric smoker for brisket, then you will enjoy juicier and tender meat of the most intricate cut of beef.

However, if you choose the wrong electric smoker with a wrong smoking method, then you will end up with brisket, which will just be a meat equivalent of rubber. Briskets are best smoked at temperature, not above 225 degrees. You need to allocate 1 hour of electric smoking per pound of brisket.

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker – MB20071117

This electric smoker provides the most consistent heat at low temperatures for perfect slow and long brisket smoking. It is a digital smoker so you can set and ensure temperature and time with precision. The inside walls of this electric smoker are fully insulated, which further allows retaining the heat inside the smoker for longer durations.

Even more, the thermostat temperature control makes this unit much efficient for subject smoking. It has a dedicated wood chip loading panel on its side to add your preferred wood chips without the need of opening its door during smoking.

For brisket, the 4 chrome-coated racks for smoking provides sufficient space to place and smoke large chunks of brisket without any hassle. Its operation is simple. You just need to attach your unit with the electric source and then operating it is just an on/ off switch button affair.

Our Rating: 5/5

Why Masterbuilt MB20071117 Smoker is good for Smoking Brisket?

The smoker offers side walls with ¾ inch thickness, while the top has a thickness of 1 ½ inch. Having all the sides and top fully insulated keeps the heat perfectly inside for long time. Breaking heat inside during brisket smoking is a big no and you definitely want to add wood chips of your choice every now and then. This is made easy by allowing you to add wood chips through the side loading panel and that too without the need of opening the door.

Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker – 19202101

Maintaining consistent and desirable temperature throughout is the key to smoking brisket perfectly. This is well managed by the Char-Broil electric smoker.

The smoker has a double-wall construction with insulation ensured that perfectly maintains the temperature throughout smoking. You are also well supported with the integrated and removable thermometer that ensures desirable internal temperature.

The glass door allows you to keep a good eye on the meat being smoked for hours. It has a total smoking area of 725 inches spanned across 4 racks. The digital control panel ensures that there is no guesswork when it comes to smoke brisket perfectly.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Char-Broil 19202101 Electric Smoker is good for Smoking Brisket?

Spacious space to accommodate large chunks of brisket inside is the unique selling point of this unit for brisket smoking. Heat is well retained inside the unit, which is primarily ensured through its insulated double-wall construction.

The stainless steel latch for locking provides a smoke-tight seal that further ensures heat retention inside unit. There are 4 cups of wood chips on offer, which allow you to smoke for as long as 7 hours without needing a refill.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with Front Controller – 20078715

It is a spacious smoker with a total of 721 inches of cooking space inside. 4 chrome-coated trays are ideal places to stuff your meat for smoking with perfection. The control panel offers a blue LED display, which makes monitoring of the time and temperature controls quite effortless.

The unit offers excellent temperature control within the range of 100 to 275 degrees F. Further, the temperature retention inside the unit is also good to support different smoking needs. This specific model comes with a redesigned drip pan with front-access.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Masterbuilt 20078715 is good for Smoking Brisket?

The slow and long smoking is best handled with this electric smoker. The large racks allow large chunks for smoking to be put conveniently. Even cooking in the range from 100 to 275 degrees F is assured. In brisket, the temperature is roughly the lower half of the spectrum or higher. The large racks allow large chunks for smoking to be put conveniently. Even cooking in the range from 100 to 275 degrees F is assured. In brisket, the temperature is roughly the lower half of the spectrum or higher.

Best Electric Smoker for Turkey

Smoked turkey is a definite guest pleaser. If you have a quality electric smoker for turkey at home, then you are certifying your turkey meat with enriched texture and meaty flavor. You need to be slow and easy with the turkey smoking process.

You need to wait until the smoker gets to a desirable pre-temperature and the wood chips have converted into ash. There are a few factors as below, which will help you in determining the time it requires for smoking turkey in an electric smoker:

  • Shape and size of the turkey bird
  • The temperature of the electric smoker
  • How often you open the door of the smoker once the turkey is placed inside

As a rough idea, you should allow 30 minutes of smoking per pound of the meat. This too should come at an internal temperature of 230 degrees.

Dyna-Glo Digital Bluetooth Electric Smoker – DGU732SDED

Dyna-Glo is regarded as the best electric smoker for turkey. It could be safely said considering the fact that the unit ideally supports long smoking duration. The chrome-plated racks of steel material are spacious. The digital control panel offer users to set smoking time and temperature with precision. The unit is Bluetooth enabled and provides good control from a decent range.

The internal temperature during smoking could be monitored flawlessly by employing the integrated meat thermometer option. You will not be required to disturb the cooking process. The bottom access drawer is provided for wood chips inclusion without disturbing the smoking process.

The smoker offers 1000 watts of burner, which is good enough to produce excessive smoking power in extremely cold climates. For festive seasons and outdoor smoking, the heavy-duty caster wheels and the rear handle provides convenient mobility of the smoker.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Dyna-Glo DGU732SDED is good for Smoking Turkey?

The 4 steel racks provided are removable. You can easily take any of those out to accommodate your large-size turkey with ease. The see-through glass door provides you convenient inside view to keep a check all through the hours-long smoking process. In order to best retain the heat, wood chips could be easily added through the bottom access war. The door seal and latches with high-temp sustained feature easily maintain the heat.

Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker 240 G – MB20076718

The Bluetooth enabled electric smoker provides an excellent range of features. It comes with a digital control panel with swift on/ off operations. The panel allows you to set, control and monitor time and temperature flawlessly.

The control panel comes with a blue LED with an easily removable shade that helps you to monitor readings in bright light if you chose to smoke in the open.

The inside has 4 chrome-coated racks that provide ample amount of cooking space. At last, this unit is the best product to produce competition like results and works both for the pros and the beginners.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Masterbuilt MB20076718 Electric Smoker if good for Smoking Turkey?

Turkey cooking is a long process and on average takes about 10 hours. The Bluetooth enabled remote control doesn’t require you to be next to the unit for all those 10 hours or even more. The see-through glass door gives a good mechanism to monitor your turkey through different phases of smoking.

The inner racks are removable so you can take out one to accommodate your turkey bird of larger size. Finally, it offers the wood chips loading side from the patented side panel. So, you wouldn’t be doing any harm to the smoking process by opening its door for wood chips loading.

Electric Smoker smoked Salmon

The origin of salmon fish is cold ocean water. In the US, it normally comes from the Pacific and North Atlantic oceans. It is also found in freshwater streams and rivers. The flesh of this fish is fatty, firm and super nutritious. In comparison with any other meat smoking, salmon has totally different demand.

No better smoker than electric one is appropriate for salmon. That is because salmon are favored more to cold smokers and only electric smokers provide this service. Often known as lox is the electric smoker that smoked salmon. Lox is better smoked cold in the 20 to 30 degree low temperature range. Few of the vendors do offer smokers with both hot and cold smoking options.

On the other side, there are vendors, who offer a supplementary cold smoking kit to hook with your standard hot electric smoker to make it a dual smoker. However, the best option is to choose the best standard smoker and then but the cold smoking attachment. Of course, you need to choose a product that supports cold smoking attachment.

Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker – MB20073716

This special electric smoker from Masterbuilt is packed with all modern features. It comes with a 1400 watt burner that is enough to produce smoking power for very cold climates.

The smoker is apt for portability and the compact size still allows two spacious chrome-coated racks to stuff good amount of meat for smoking. The foldable legs underneath the unit further facilitate easy portability and even storage.

The built-in temperature gauge enables users to keep a close and constant eye on the temperature and how often it changes. It has an analog type of temperature control, which for the sake of smoking salmon and cheese etc. is perfect.

The temperature range is diverse enough to accommodate all types of smoking needs with different meat types. The 6 feet long analog cord provides good flexibility while trying to use the smoker in your backyard or patio etc.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Masterbuilt MB2007371 Electric Smoker is good for Smoking Salmon?

First thing first, it is a unit with diverse features. It offers excellent hot smoking, which could be an option for salmon smoking. On the other hand, the Masterbuilt cold smoking attachments available in the market from the vendor makes it a dual smoking unit.

You can easily make your unit go as low as 20 degrees to ensure perfect cold smoking salmon. Further, the small smoker size is a blessing here as salmon doesn’t require too much space for smoking. Even, if you are smoking salmon for a big party at home.

Bradley 4 Rack Electric Smoker – BTDS76P 990216

Bradley electric smokers have already earned great repute in the electric smoker category. This specific product is crafted from top quality material. The smoker features a polished stainless steel interior and the powder epoxy-coated steel construction overall.

The smoker inside offers 4 racks for placing your meat for smoking. It comes with a diversely functional digital control mechanism for best setting and monitoring of time and temperature.

The highest temperature may go upt0 320 degrees and as low as 100 degrees for hot smoking. The smoke generator as a supplementary attachment is also available with the unit.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Bradley BTDS76P 990216 Electric Smoker is good for Smoked Salmon?

The coolest things about salmon smoking is that it comes with a smoke generator. Therefore, you do not need to purchase anything separately. The cold smoking works just as good as hot smoking. You will enjoy the digital control panel features to set up your smoker for perfect smoked salmon.

Best Electric Smoker under 300 for Sausage

Sausage probably is the most delicate meat of all that you ever look to scope. It requires quite a bit of care both before and during smoking. The electric smokers don’t require too much smoking expertise as it automatically handles most of the stuff itself.

They are best for beginners and works equally well for professional smokers as well. Sausages are well cooked for 3 hours in an electric smoker. What matters the most is the ideal temperature setting of the smoker.

Sausages are cooked well at a relatively low temperature. For sausages, you should ensure the temperature of your unit in between 180 to 200 degrees. With this temperature, you will be able to maintain a minimum internal temperature of sausage to be 160 degrees.

If you cook sausages any hotter then you are risking the meat to drain out the juice and become much dry.

Char-Broil Deluxe 725 Square Inch Digital Electric Smoker

This compact and multifunctional digital electric smoker offers a great range of features. The first and foremost is the insulated double-wall construction. It stands as the best selling point of this smoker. The advanced control panel of the smoker will also please you as it offers fairly easy to use features. 

The blue LED offers easy view of the settings and progress display in bright light if you are using this panel out in a bright sunny area. The removable thermometer attachment makes temperature management very effortless. The finishing of the exterior is of stainless steel that endorses quality of the unit. The temperature is ideally maintained inside the panel with the smoke-tight seal that the door of this smoker has to offer.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Char-Broil Electric Smoker is good for Smoking Sausage

For sausages, the electric smoker needs to perform well at low temperatures. As per the reviews, you will find it suitable for smoking sausages at temperature as low as 180.

As with the sausages, you need to turn sides quite often, so the see-through glass view could easily tell when the sausage needs to be turned.

The easy to open/ close latch wouldn’t release heat any quicker if you are quick to open the unit, turn side of the sausages and close it again. Conclusively, this one is the best electric smoker for sausage smoking.

Masterbuilt 1200W Digital Electric Smoker – MB20072618

It is a compact electric smoker overall with spacious inside to accommodate a good quantity of food to be smoked. The unit offers 4 chrome-coated racks, which are removable for stuffing food items of varying size and serving random needs. Users can benefit maximum with the RF remote control to remote control the functionality. The digital panel is perfect for setting up temperature and time with precision. The same display will provide the near to accurate internal temperature of the meat. Further, the high-end thermostat temperature control ensures consistent and even smoking of different types of meat throughout the smoking process.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Why Masterbuilt MB20072618 is good for Smoking Sausage?

This smoker practically works like a charm at low temperatures, which is a need for smoking sausages. You can have the best view of sausages being smoked through the glass door. So, a quick change of sides is seamless, whenever it is required.


Electric smokers are the best options for both novice and pro meat smokers. For beginners especially, it is the optimal type as the smoker takes the bulk of the smoking requirements by itself.

The most advanced electric smokers have well covered all the pros of a pellet smoker. Your meat would come out much juicier and crispier from an electric smoker.

If you are looking to smoke different meat types such as turkey, brisket, sausage or salmon, then a specific type of electric smoker is right out there for you to avail. It is just about using the right product for a specific type of meat to be smoked.

We hope this review of the best electric smoker under 300 can help both beginners and pros. In case you are interested for some pellet grills to sear meats, steaks or veggies, check out our list of Best Pellet Grill for Searing to choose the right one.


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